Facebook Advertising

More businesses are considering Facebook Marketing as part of their marketing strategies.  Why?

Facebook advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of online marketing today.

To achieve the success you want, targeting the right people on the right platform is essential.  We identify if FacebookFB_Marketing_phone_laptop is actually the best platform for your objectives or not.  However, with over 860 million active users, Facebook advertising is a pivotal platform for many businesses. It’s popular, it’s mobile, it’s mainstream; it’s where your customers go to socialize online.  So why not be part of their social experience?

Laser Target Your Audience Like No Other Advertising Can.

Unlike traditional advertising, We target your ideal clients based on THEIR interests, THEIR behaviors, and THEIR buying patterns? Not just to the masses. This is completely different from traditional forms of advertising such as television, radio, and print. When advertising this way, customers can only advertise to blanket audiences.  You have no way of affecting who sees your advertisements.

Facebook has a powerful platform which allows us to laser target who sees your ads based on areas such as age, gender, location, relationship status, and a whole host of other demographics.  The more targeted, the better! Facebook advertising is direct and purposeful, but most of all, it’s applicable to your audience.fb_marketing

 Example: Let’s say you are trying to reach a 43-year-old single, male, who is a Star Wars fans, and lives in Mesa Arizona and loves Diet Pepsi? Easy to do!





What can your business promote with Facebook Advertisement?

Facebook marketing gives you a number of objectives for your campaigns.  Everything from getting more website traffic, getting customers to your shopping cart, advertising your phone apps, getting people to your events, reach those closest to your business door, and so much more.  So whether it is traffic, leads, fans or engagement you are after, Facebook Ads has you covered.

Why Consider Us For Your Managed Facebook Advertising?

Some of you may have even ran Facebook Ads yourself before.  All too often clients tell us the results weren’t what they wanted.  A question we ask right away is:  What was your marketing plan prior to starting? As well as do you REALLY know your ideal client? (We have a plan and review that ideal client)

Another question:  Who was running your campaigns?  Was it an actual Facebook specialist?  This is YOUR business and YOUR money!  A dedicated specialist in on-line marketing can be crucial to your strategies and campaign success!

Many businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to manage their advertising campaigns, let alone make them successful.  We have the knowledge and expertise to create, manage and optimize innovative campaigns exclusive to Facebook.

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