Social Media Advertising

How Social Media Advertising Helps Your Business

Advertising your brand on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, can have a huge impact on your business.

Today’s social media platforms have sophisticated algorithms that learn the behavior of their users based on user interactivity.  This allows advertising to be focused on USER behaviors and USER interests.  

Targeting Your Audiences

Here is what can be done within campaigns:

  1. Interest Targeting–Serve your ads to those that are most interested.
  2. Behavioral Targeting–Target your customer based on their specific online behaviors.
  3. Remarketing capabilitiesUpdate and bring your audiences back to your sites and campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

In Facebook/Instagram, there is also the ability to create Look Alike Audiences.  This is based on targeting like minded people.  Strategies can be implemented to bring awareness to your business from this new set of audiences!

So whether you target Business To Consumers, Business To Business or both, this can help bring more followers to your social platforms, website traffic, customers to your shopping cart, reach those closest to your business, get more people to your events, more phone app downloads, and so much more.

You are busy running your business. Using an Online Marketing Expert to do this for you makes better sense.  We get you back to focusing on your business.

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